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Blog / New Poll: Do You Attend Church While You’re Traveling?

New Poll: Do You Attend Church While You’re Traveling?

Last week’s poll asked What does your church do best? Here’s how you answered:

Worship and preaching – 51%
Community and discipleship – 14%
Local outreach – 13%
Prayer – 12%
Global missions – 8%
Stewardship – 2%

Of course, no church can be accurately defined by just one trait, but it’s interesting to see that so many of you see strong worship and preaching as your church’s most distinguishing characteristic. Perhaps the everpresent reports of the impending demise of solid, Biblical preaching are greatly exaggerated?

The other result that strikes me as noteworthy is the 8% of churches for which global missions is a focus. The question of the modern church’s seriousness about global missions has been the subject of debate on prominent Christian blogs this month. It would be interesting to explore this poll result further to learn precisely how our churches support, or don’t support, global missions. (We’ll look at Biblical examples of missions, and the way we carry out the Great Commission today, in future posts.)

But this afternoon, with a holiday weekend on the horizon (at least for our friends in Canada and the U.S.), we’re shifting gears to ask a different question. Summer holidays are a prime time for road trips and vacations. This week’s question asks about your church attendance habits while you’re on the road:

Do you attend church when you're traveling or vacationing?

  • I attend any Biblical church I can find. (40%, 562 Votes)
  • No, usually not. (37%, 512 Votes)
  • I attend church only if I can find one that belongs to my home church's denomination or theological persuasion. (19%, 259 Votes)
  • I make a point of attending a church outside my home church's denomination or theological persuasion. (5%, 65 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,398

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Share your answer here or on the right side of the page. And have a great holiday weekend!

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