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Blog / Explore the Evidence for Jesus Christ in the “Investigating the Bible” Newsletter

Explore the Evidence for Jesus Christ in the “Investigating the Bible” Newsletter

Who did Jesus claim to be, and how can we know if those claims are true? Christians believe that Jesus is God’s son and that he saves us from sin—but what’s the evidence on which that belief is based? What does the Bible really teach about Jesus?

The 'Investigating the Bible' newsletter draws from the Case for Christ Study Bible.

Whether you’re a Christian, a skeptic, or anywhere in between, these are important questions that need answering. And to help you find the answers, we’re excited to announce a new series of free email reflections: Investigating the Bible. Every week, Investigating the Bible will ask and answer a new “tough question” about Jesus Christ, using material from the NIV Case for Christ Study Bible. Each reflection is written by author and apologist Lee Strobel, a former atheist who set out to collect all the evidence about Jesus Christ—and who now shares that evidence with anyone else searching for answers.

If you’ve ever had questions or doubts about Jesus’ claims, Investigating the Bible will equip you with everything you need to decide for yourself—by examining each piece of Biblical evidence for Jesus’ claims, you’ll see what Jesus said about himself, what his actions demonstrated about him, and how all of that fits into the Bible’s prophecies about the Messiah.

Investigating the Bible begins on Thursday, July 28; sign up now!

If you’re interested in Lee Strobel’s careful, journalistic approach to the Bible’s claims, you might also enjoy his biweekly Investigating Faith newsletter. You can sign up both for it and Investigating the Bible on our Newsletters page.

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