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Blog / New Poll: What does your church do best?

New Poll: What does your church do best?

Last week’s poll pried into your Scripture reading habits, asking How much time do you spend reading the Bible each day? Here’s what you told us:

  • 5- 30 minutes: 52%
  • 30-60 minutes: 18%
  • 5 minutes or less: 16%
  • 1-2 hours: 6%
  • None: 6%
  • More than 2 hours: 2%

It’s neat to see such a large percentage of people spending quality time in God’s Word each day—and to the 6% who don’t spend any time reading the Bible each day, give it a try! Whether you have two hours to spend reading the Bible before bed at night or five minutes before breakfast, time invested in God’s Word is always a blessing.

We’re switching tacks a bit with the next poll. We’ve asked about your personal Bible study habits; now we’re interested in learning a bit about your church. Specifically, we want you to identify the one thing your church really shines at:

What does your church do best?

  • Worship and preaching (53%, 1,208 Votes)
  • Community and discipleship (14%, 319 Votes)
  • Local outreach (12%, 274 Votes)
  • Prayer (12%, 267 Votes)
  • Global missions (8%, 184 Votes)
  • Stewardship (2%, 48 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,300

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Now, we know that your church almost certainly does all of these things to different degrees. But we’re going to be cruel and force you to pick the one area that you think truly distinguishes your church and congregation.

Vote here or on the right side of the blog. And have a great weekend!

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