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Blog / How to view more than one Bible side-by-side at the new Bible Gateway

How to view more than one Bible side-by-side at the new Bible Gateway

One of the advantages of having access to more than one Bible translation is that you can read them side-by-side. Comparing and contrasting how different Bible translators render the same Scriptures can help you grasp the nuances of a Bible passage, or can shed light on a difficult-to-undestand verse.

You’ve always been able to view multiple versions of the Bible in parallel (side-by-side comparison) on Bible Gateway, but it wasn’t the easiest feature to find. At Bible Gateway, we’ve worked to make it simple to read more than one Bible side-by-side. Here’s how to do it.

First, click over to the

At, you can add a parallel Bible view from any Bible passage page. While reading any passage (for example, Genesis 1), simply click on Add Parallel, located above the gold bar at the top of the passage:

A new column will appear with a drop-down menu where you can select the Bible you want to add:

Select a version from the list and Bible Gateway will automatically display your Bible passage in the new version you chose. If you want to compare a third, fourth or fifth version, click Add Parallel again. To remove a Bible from the parallel view, click on the X in the top right.

That’s the simplest way to set up a side-by-side comparison using more than one Bible version. But you can also specify multiple versions during a Passage Lookup or Keyword Search. Click Lookup passage(s) in multiple versions on the Passage Lookup or Search in multiple versions on the Keyword Search:

It will expand the version selector to five drop-downs. Select the versions you want to search in:

If you want to remove or change any of the versions you’re comparing, follow the process described above.

As with all of the features and improvements on, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Share your feedback at our survey form.

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