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Blog / Why Jesus’ parables stand out

Why Jesus’ parables stand out

Although Jesus is certainly one of the most-quoted religious speakers in all of history, his recorded public addresses are strikingly different than the sermons and speeches we’re accustomed to hearing from religious leaders and teachers today. Jesus made heavy use of the parable as a teaching method. His parables are provocative, memorable, and occasionally mystifying. They have a timelessness that wouldn’t come across if their message was delivered as a straight sermon or speech.

The NT Blog came across an interesting short video of two scholars discussing the significance and distinctiveness of Jesus’ parables:

It’s a nice introduction to Jesus’ teaching style, and contains a few insights I had not considered before. (I like the explanation of why a parable is more like a political cartoon than a dogmatic speech.)

If you aren’t familiar with Jesus’ parables, you might start with some of these famous ones:

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