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Blog / Perspectives in Translation forum launches—join the discussion!

Perspectives in Translation forum launches—join the discussion!

What makes a Bible translation accurate? Is accuracy defined by exact faithfulness to the wording of the original text? Or is accuracy a matter of capturing the meaning behind the original words?

That’s the opening discussion question at the brand-new Perspectives in Translation forum, which just launched here at Bible Gateway. The forum, hosted by Collin Hansen of The Gospel Coalition, is dedicated to scholarly dialogue about the tough questions of English Bible translation. A team of respected Bible and translation scholars will be debating every aspect of Bible translation.

You’ll find the dialogue there insightful and thought-provoking—but we hope you’ll not only read it, but particpate in the discussion yourself. Stop by Perspectives in Translation to watch the discussion unfold and to share your own questions and observations! You can read more about what Perspectives in Translation aims to do or jump straight into the latest discussion.

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