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Blog / Official Bible Gateway Facebook Group Tops 2,500!

Official Bible Gateway Facebook Group Tops 2,500!

Wow, not only did we click over 1,000 members before thanksgiving, but we just passed 2,500 today!

We love hearing your positive comments about the ministry of, and the discussions on the boards have been inspiring. A big thank you to the group for being willing to respectfully and prayerfully minister to each other. Here are a few comments that people have left on our Wall:

“I love Not only can I read the Word but hear it as well, thus allowing my faith to increase. Thank you for now also allowing us to be able to encourage one another and meet like minded people. I appreciate you:)” (From South Africa)

“I have made Bible Gateway a verb on IM. Such as: ‘… I cant find the verse, hold on, let me BG that.'”

“Praise the lord, am happy and thankful that i have got a forum where i can share with brothers and sisters who know the lord, thank you bible gateway for your resources, may God bless you, would like to meet people who are ready to share the word to achieve the purpose of us being here Matt28:18-20.” (From Kenya)

“bible gateway is rad.”

The group is open to anyone, so if you’re interested do a search for “Official Bible Gateway Group” on Facebook and click on “Join Group”. Please let us know if there’s any features you would love to see on the Bible Gateway.

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