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Picking the best Bible translation for you

“Which Bible version is the best?” That’s a question we hear from time to time from people wondering which of the dozens of Bibles at the Bible Gateway is the one they should read. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single, easy answer to that question–if one version of the Bible were clearly recognized as the best, there’d be no need for so many different versions!

The question of which Bible is the best for you is largely a personal one. Which Bible versions can you most easily read and understand? Which are translated by people and organizations that you trust the most? These might seem like intimidating questions, but with a bit of time and effort you’ll be able to discern which Bible or Bibles are the best for you. To help get you started, check out five keys to picking the best Bible for you over at the Withering Fig blog. While those suggestions are geared for finding a good print Bible, most all of the advice there can be applied equally well to the task of finding a good online Bible.

While you’re hunting around for the right Bible at the Bible Gateway, be sure to check our version information page–clicking on the name of each Bible version takes you to a page with information about the Bible’s publisher, its translation history, and the goals behind the translation. In most cases, publisher websites will have more information as well. Happy hunting!

(Hat tip: ESV Bible blog.)

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