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Blog / All about the new Bible Gateway logo

All about the new Bible Gateway logo

Quite a few people have emailed to ask us about our new logo (in the upper left corner of the site). For those of you who are wondering about it, here’s the rundown.

First of all, what is it depicting? Well, it’s intentionally abstract–some people see a communication dish; others see a person raising his hands in worship. We think both ideas fit the mission of the Bible Gateway. We’re trying to make the Bible available in every corner of the world, as part of Christ’s call to spread the Gospel. The new logo is meant to convey the idea of broadcasting the Good News or shouting it from the mountaintops.

Secondly, the new logo is part of an effort by Gospel Communications (the organization behind the Bible Gateway) to improve its branding. GC’s mission is to “get the Word out”–a vision that wasn’t really conveyed by the old logo.

We hope you like the new logo, and that when you see it, you’ll understand a bit more about the ministry focus of the Bible Gateway!

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