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Linking Together

Linking Together “A person’s coming to Christ is like a chain with many links…. There are many influences and conversations that precede a person’s decision to convert to Christ. I know the joy of being the first link at times, a middle link usually, and occasionally the last link. God has not called me to […]

Questions from Readers, May 22

Questions from Readers — Did Jesus ever really live? — Is Zechariah 12:10 about Jesus? Q. I saw an article recently about a high school student in Tennessee who was awarded a $1,000 scholarship by an atheist group for dressing like Jesus on the school’s “fictional character day.” Is there a trend toward people saying […]

Women in Apologetics

Mary Jo Sharp is equipping more and more women to defend their faith – and finding an increasingly enthusiastic response. A professor of apologetics and founder of Confident Christianity Apologetics Ministry, Mary Jo Sharp is passionate about enlisting more women in defending the faith. In this interview, she describes how she’s finding a very receptive […]