Chapter 15

In this chapter, we have our Lord Jesus, as the great Prophet teaching, as the great Physician healing, and as the great Shepherd of the sheep feeding; as the Father of spirits instructing them; as the Conqueror of Satan dispossessing him; and as concerned for the bodies of his people, providing for them. Here is, I. Christ’s discourse with the scribes and Pharisees about human traditions and injunctions, Matt. 15:1-9. II. His discourse with the multitude, and with his disciples, concerning the things that defile a man, Matt. 15:10-20. III. His casting of the devil out of the woman of Canaan’s daughter, Matt. 15:21-28. IV. His healing of all that were brought to him, Matt. 15:29-31. V. His feeding of four thousand men, with seven loaves and a few little fishes, Matt. 15:32-39.