Chapter 16

In this chapter, I. The greatness of the calamity that was coming upon the Jewish nation is illustrated by prohibitions given to the prophet neither to set up a house of his own (Jer. 16:1-4) nor to go into the house of mourning (Jer. 16:5-7) nor into the house of feasting, Jer. 16:8, 9. II. God is justified in these severe proceedings against them by an account of their great wickedness, Jer. 16:10-13. III. An intimation is given of mercy in reserve, Jer. 16:14, 15. IV. Some hopes are given that the punishment of the sin should prove the reformation of the sinners, and that they should return to God at length in a way of duty, and so be qualified for his returns to them in a way of favour, Jer. 16:16-21.