Testimony Leads to Worship (1:17)

Paul could not reflect on God's grace in his life and the promise of eternal life without being moved to worship. Verse 17 takes the form of a doxology (see 6:15-16). It imparts a powerful vision of the majesty and mystery of God. King eternal ascribes to God absolute sovereignty over all the ages. Immortal recalls Romans 1:23, where God is contrasted with images of mortal humans and animals. By nature God lives eternally; death is foreign to him. He is also invisible (6:16). For a sinful human to see God is to bring death (Ex 33:20). Finally, God is "one" (2:5), the only God, a thought that returns to the first commandment, the starting point of the Christian faith.

The source of Paul's life and ministry was the eternal God. As we see here, he went back to that source regularly. The one who would serve God must do so as well (see further below, on 6:15-16).

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