Peter's Healing Ministry at Lydda and Joppa (9:32-43)

When Jews use the all-purpose greeting/farewell "Shalom!" (peace), they are wishing that your life be more than hassle-free. They desire for you that sense of well-being born of full health. The church too "enjoyed peace" (9:31), the shalom of a formerly bedridden Aeneas walking about in the Lydda Christian assembly and a once deceased Dorcas again busily sewing garments for the needy.

These transitional episodes flesh out the summary statement of 9:31, demonstrating that the mission to the Jews in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria (1:8) has been completed all the way to the coast. They are preparatory for the next great advance of the church: the Jerusalem church's Gentile mission (10:1—11:18). They place Peter in an advantageous geographical position to respond to the summons of Cornelius.

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