Resources » The IVP New Testament Commentary Series » Luke » Galilean Ministry: The Revelation of Jesus (4:14-9:50) » Movements to Faith and Christological Questions (7:1-8:3)

Movements to Faith and Christological Questions (7:1-8:3)

So what will be the response to Jesus, and why should we respond to him? At this point Luke zeroes in on this question. This section's dominant theme is faith. The stories of the centurion, the widow of Nain, John the Baptist's perplexity, the sinful woman, the women who minister to the disciples—all have to do with the presence or absence of faith. Faith involves humility, gratitude and service. In the middle of this section, John the Baptist's question about the one who was to come brings a significant response from Jesus about how God's plan advances and where Jesus fits in, even though his style is not messianic in the way people expected. Furthermore, the various accounts disclose that faith has no gender or racial gap. Jesus comes for all.

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