Jesus the Healer (8:14-17)

Despite our claim to believe the Bible, we often reject those of its teachings that violate our traditions. Although Matthew employs Jesus' past healings as a proof of Jesus' messianic claim, he spends much of his narrative presenting Jesus as healer also because he expected his audience to experience Jesus as continuing healer, as the One who now holds all authority in heaven and on earth (28:18; see also 9:35-38). Yet just as many Protestants before William Carey doubted that the Great Commission (28:19) was for today, many Christians seem reluctant to embrace Jesus' power to touch physical illness today. Their reluctance is understandable as a reaction against the many excesses of some prominent figures, but it nevertheless betrays an inadequate attention to many biblical texts. Too many of us still read the Gospels as if they were merely history without preaching, instead of hearing God's Spirit preaching through the history.

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