The Confidence of the Children of God (3:18-24)

Probably no human relationship is so characterized by boldness and confidence as that of young children before their parents. With complete trust a child comes to a parent and asks for help, for attention, for companionship. When my daughter comes to me with a request, my answer is sometimes "yes," sometimes "not now" or "later," and sometimes even "no." She knows that at times I may refuse a request, but she also knows that she can come again and again and have her needs tended to, her requests granted, and find a friend who will spend time with her.

Precisely that relationship of children to their parents, that relationship of implicit trust, of confidence and willingness to ask again and again, characterizes the stance of the believer before God. Here are strong words of assurance to believers who doubt the status of their own re lationship with God.

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