A Betrayal and a Farewell (22:1-38)

Luke 22 begins Luke's version of the passion. The story of the crucifixion extends through chapters 22—23, while resurrection is the topic of chapter 24. The account begins with Judas's betrayal and Jesus' final meal with his disciples. Jesus is the exemplary righteous sufferer, even as Satan again works to foil God's plan (22:3). The brief mention of the archdemon makes it clear that the battle over Jesus is not merely a human conflict. Cosmic forces are concerned about the outcome.

Jesus' final moments with his disciples involve a farewell meal. As he celebrates the Passover and adds his own new elements to it, Jesus reveals that his work is modeled after that sacrifice. His humility is to mark the disciples' own efforts to serve others. Their service will occur in the face of rejection, but service is still the disciple's calling.

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