9115 antichrist, the

9115 antichrist, the

One who is directly and implacably opposed to Jesus Christ.

The antichrist will deny fundamental truths about Jesus Christ

2Jn 7 See also Mt 24:24 pp Mk 13:22; Mk 3:29; 1Jn 2:22; 1Jn 4:3

Th antichrist as a self-appointed rival to God

2Th 2:3-4 See also Da 7:7-8,24-25; Da 8:9-12,23-25; Da 11:36-45; Rev 13:1-10,11-18

The coming of the antichrist is a sign of the “last days”

1Jn 2:18 See also 2Th 2:6-10

The final defeat of the antichrist is assured

2Th 2:8 See also Da 7:26-27; Da 8:25; Da 11:45; Rev 17:7-14

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