8847 vulgarity

8847 vulgarity

Believers are to avoid vulgar intentions

The men of Sodom had vulgar intentions Ge 19:5

They were judged by God Ge 19:24-25; 2Pe 2:6-7; Jude 7

The men of Gibeah had vulgar intentions Jdg 19:22,25

They were punished by the Israelites Jdg 20:4-7,33-36,48

Such vulgarity is condemned by God Lev 18:22; Ro 1:24-28

Paul warns against vulgar speech

Eph 4:29; Eph 5:4; Col 3:8

Believers are to avoid vulgar actions

Noah got drunk and exposed himself Ge 9:21-22

Lot’s daughters became pregnant by their father Ge 19:31-36

Some converts led vulgar and depraved lives before conversion

1Co 6:9-11

The Cretans had a reputation for vulgarity

Tit 1:12,15-16

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