8801 presumption

8801 presumption

A form of self-confidence, which makes overconfident assumptions concerning one’s importance and rights. It is criticised as a form of arrogance that is unacceptable among believers, whose lives should be characterised by humility.

Presumption is unacceptable

Ps 5:5; Isa 13:11 See also Nu 15:30; Dt 6:16; Dt 18:20; Isa 45:9; Ro 2:4; Ro 9:20; 1Co 10:9; Jas 4:13; 2Pe 2:10

Examples of presumption

Ge 11:1-4 those preparing to build the tower of Babel in defiance of God; Nu 14:40-45 the Israelites, ignoring Moses’orders; Lk 12:16-21 the rich fool

Humility is commended in place of presumption

Mic 6:8 See also Lk 14:10; Lk 22:26; Ro 12:3; Jas 4:10; 1Pe 5:5

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