8766 heresies

8766 heresies

Teachings held by a factional religious party which deny some aspect of established doctrine. NT writers give no toleration to heresies in the church.

Heresy as deviant teaching

Heb 13:9 See also Gal 1:6-7; 2Ti 4:3-4

Heresies and the factional nature of Judaism

The party of the Pharisees Ac 26:5 See also Ac 15:5; Php 3:5-6

The party of the Sadducees Ac 23:8 See also Mt 22:23 pp Mk 12:18 pp Lk 20:27

Christianity was perceived as a heresy within Judaism Ac 24:14 See also Ac 24:5; Ac 28:22

Heresies within the church

The imposition of Jewish regulations on Gentile converts Ac 15:1 See also Gal 6:12-13; 1Ti 1:3-7; Tit 1:10

Heresies concerning the person of Jesus Christ 2Jn 7 See also 1Jn 2:22-23; 1Jn 4:1-3

Heresies concerning the return of Jesus Christ 2Th 2:1-2 See also Mt 24:4-5 pp Mk 13:5-6 pp Lk 21:8; Mt 24:23-24 pp Mk 13:21-22

The origins of heresy

Erroneous human teaching Col 2:8 See also Eph 4:14; Col 2:20-22

Deceitful demonic power 1Ti 4:1 See also 1Jn 4:2-3,6

Christian opposition to heresy

Heresy warned against 2Pe 3:17 See also 1Ti 4:7; Tit 1:10-14

Heresy condemned 2Pe 2:3 See also Gal 1:8-9; 2Pe 2:17-22

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