8715 dishonesty, and God’s nature

8715 dishonesty, and God’s nature

Dishonesty is contrary to the will and nature of God, and so should not be found among the people of God.

Dishonesty is contrary to the will and nature of God

Nu 23:19 See also 1Sa 15:29; Ro 3:4; Tit 1:2

Dishonesty, like sin, is of satanic origin Jn 8:44 See also Ge 3:1-5

God’s hatred of dishonesty

Pr 12:22 See also Ps 5:4-6; Pr 6:16-17; Isa 59:1-4,12-15

Kinds of dishonesty

In business deals Hos 12:7 See also Dt 25:13-16; Pr 20:14; Am 8:5; Mic 6:10

In not paying debts Ps 37:21 See also Jas 5:4

In exploiting the poor Eze 22:29 See also Job 24:2-11; Isa 32:7; Jer 22:13

God’s judgment on dishonesty

God’s denunciation of dishonesty in general Hos 4:1-2 See also Lev 19:15; Jer 7:8-10; 1Th 4:6

The dishonesty of liars and false witnesses Pr 19:9; Ac 5:1-10 See also Dt 19:16-19; Jos 7:10-12 regarding Achan’s sin; 2Ki 5:19-27; Ps 5:6; Isa 29:20-21; Jer 9:4-9; Rev 21:8

The dishonesty of false prophets and teachers Jer 14:14-15; 2Pe 2:1-3; Isa 9:14-15; Jer 28:15-16; Eze 13:1-23; Zec 10:2-3; 1Ti 4:1-2

God’s demands for making amends for dishonesty

Lev 6:1-7; Lk 3:12-14 This demonstrated that their repentance was genuine; Lk 19:8 the result of encountering Jesus Christ; Lk 16:1-12 Jesus Christ was not commending the steward’s dishonesty but his shrewdness.

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