8709 astrology

8709 astrology

The study of the stars and planets, based on the pagan assumption that they exercise a decisive influence over human destinies. Scripture rejects such beliefs, insisting upon the total sovereignty of God over his entire creation.

Astrology is to be rejected

The worship of heavenly bodies is forbidden Dt 4:19; 2Ki 17:16 See also 2Ki 21:3-5 pp 2Ch 33:3-5; 2Ki 23:4,11; Job 31:26-28; Eze 8:16-18; Zep 1:5

The consultation of stars is condemned Isa 47:13 See also Jer 8:2

Astrology at the time of Daniel

Da 2:1-13; Da 4:1-7; Da 5:1-8

Astrologers came to worship the newborn Jesus

Mt 2:1-10

See also

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