8658 Lord’s Prayer, the

8658 Lord’s Prayer, the

The name given to the prayer Jesus Christ taught his disciples, probably as a model prayer for regular use.

Aspects of the Lord’s Prayer

A recognition of God as Father and Lord Mt 6:9 pp Lk 11:2 See also Mt 7:21; Mt 16:17; Lk 10:21; Eph 3:14-15

A desire for God’s perfect will to be done Mt 6:10 pp Lk 11:2 See also Mt 12:50; Mt 26:39,42; Ac 21:14; Col 1:9; Heb 10:9

Asking for physical provision Mt 6:11 pp Lk 11:3 See also Mt 6:31-32; Mt 7:9-11

Asking for forgiveness Mt 6:12 pp Lk 11:4 See also Mt 6:14-15; Mt 18:23-35; Mk 11:25; Lk 23:34; Col 3:13; 1Jn 1:9

Asking for spiritual protection Mt 6:13 pp Lk 11:4 See also 2Co 1:10-11; Jude 24; Rev 3:10

The doxology Mt 6:13 NIV footnote.

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