8479 self-examination, examples of

8479 self-examination, examples of

Scripture provides numerous examples of self-examination, and its results. In particular, self-examination is often portrayed as leading to repentance.

Self-examination in the experience of Israel

Self-examination at the entry into the promised land Jos 7:1-26; Jos 24:14

Self-examination during the war with the Philistines 1Sa 14:24-47

Self-examination at the time of the exile Jer 31:18-20

Self-examination after returning from exile in Babylon Ne 8:9; Hag 1:5-12; Hag 2:15-19

Self-examination by other nations

Jnh 3:1-10

Self-examination in the experience of individuals

King David Ps 51:3-6 See also 2Sa 12:1-13; Ps 32:3-5

Job Job 42:1-6

The psalmists Ps 119:59 See also Ps 42:5,11; Ps 43:5

The lost son Lk 15:17-20

The disciples Mt 26:22 pp Mk 14:19

Judas See also Mt 26:25; Mt 27:3-5

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