8307 moderation

8307 moderation

The classic virtue of temperate conduct, especially the avoidance of extremes. Scripture commends moderation as a way of life for Christians, while stressing the need for total commitment to God.

The ideal of moderation

Ecc 7:16-18

Moderation in a legal context

Ex 21:23-25 The purpose of this legislation was not to encourage vengeance but to moderate or restrain it. See also Lev 24:17-22; Nu 35:9-15 pp Dt 4:41-43 pp Dt 19:1-10 One purpose of cities of refuge was to moderate the revenge of families of the murdered.

Moderation in personal and social relations

Pr 17:27 See also Ge 43:29-31; Pr 12:16; Pr 23:4; Gal 5:22-23

Moderation in personal ethics

Tit 2:11-12 See also Pr 15:16 Moderation in matters of wealth is affirmed. Moderation in speech is commended: Mt 5:33-37; Col 4:6
Eph 5:18; 1Th 5:6-8; 1Ti 3:2-3,8,11; Tit 1:7-8; Tit 2:2-8

Moderation in religious activity

Ecc 7:16-17 See also Mt 23:23-26; 1Co 14:26-33

Moderation must not lead to being spiritually lukewarm

Rev 3:15-16 See also Rev 3:1-2

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