7767 priests, institution in OT times

7767 priests, institution in OT times

Priests played an important role in the OT and were regarded as having a special status and place in the life of Israel.

Pagan priests in the OT

1Sa 6:1-2; 2Ki 23:5; Hos 10:5; Zep 1:4

The special status of priests

Ezr 1:5; Isa 24:2; Hos 4:9; Mic 3:11

Associated with the descendants of Levi through Aaron

The exclusive nature of the priesthood 1Ch 6:49 Only God has the right to nominate those who mediate between him and humanity. See also Ex 6:16-20 This genealogy shows Moses and Aaron were both descended from Levi; Ex 28:1; Ex 29:44; Ex 30:30; Nu 16:40 Not all Levites were priests: Dt 18:1; Jer 33:21

Micah’s priest Jdg 17:13

The Shiloh priesthood 1Ch 24:3 See also 1Ch 6:27

The priests in Dan Jdg 18:30

Descendants of Zadok Eze 44:15-16 See also 2Sa 8:17; 1Ch 6:50-53; 1Ch 24:3

Criticism of priestly appointments that were not Levitical

1Ki 12:31 See also 1Ki 13:33; 2Ch 11:13-14; 2Ch 13:9

The appointment of priests

Their preliminary purification Ex 29:4 See also Ex 30:19; Ex 40:12

Their anointing Ex 30:30-32 See also Lev 8:30; Nu 3:3 Kings and priests also were anointed.

Their consecration Ex 29:1 See also Ex 29:12-14,18,20-21; Lev 8:12

Their ordination Ex 29:35 See also Ex 29:9,29,33; Lev 8:22,33; Jdg 17:5,12

The dress of the priests

Ex 28:40 See also Ex 28:42; Ex 39:27-29; Lev 8:13

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