7719 elders, as community leaders

7719 elders, as community leaders

Since older men act as responsible leaders in many communities, “elder” is used as the title for a recognised leader.

Elders in early Israel

Elders represented their people Ex 19:7 See also Ex 3:16; Ex 4:29; Ex 12:21-28; Ex 24:1

Elders assisted Moses Nu 11:16-17 See also Ex 18:21-26; Nu 11:24-25

Elders met in a national assembly Jos 23:2; Jos 24:1; Jdg 21:16

Elders functioned as judges, sometimes in the town gate Dt 19:11-12; Jdg 8:14; Ru 4:1-12

Elders during the period of the monarchy

Tribal and town elders 1Sa 30:26-31; 2Ki 10:5; 2Ki 23:1; Jer 19:1

Elders were local representatives at national functions 1Ki 8:1

Elders advised the king 1Ki 12:6-8

Elders functioned as judges at the town gate Pr 31:23 See also 1Ki 21:8-14

Elders in Israel during and after the exile

Ezr 10:8,14; Eze 8:1; Eze 14:1; Eze 20:1-3

Elders in NT Jewish society

Elders were local town and synagogue leaders Mk 5:22; Lk 7:1-5

Elders were members of the Sanhedrin Mk 15:1 See also Mt 5:22

Elders were guardians of religious traditions Mt 15:1-2 pp Mk 7:5 See also Mk 7:3

The elders’rejection of Jesus Christ predicted by him Mt 16:21 pp Mk 8:31 pp Lk 9:22

The involvement of the elders in the trial and condemnation of Jesus Christ Mt 27:1 pp Mk 15:1

The elders’involvement with the first Christians See also Ac 4:5,8,23; Ac 5:21; Ac 6:12; Ac 23:14; Ac 25:15

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