7418 Purim

7418 Purim

A Jewish festival of rejoicing and feasting celebrated in the month of Adar (February-March) commemorating the deliverance of the Jews recorded in the book of Esther.

The origins of Purim

Esther’s position as queen Est 4:14

Haman’s death Est 7:10

The right of the Jews to avenge themselves on their enemies Est 8:11

Explanation of the name Est 9:26 The word “pur”, meaning “lots”, relates to the lots cast to determine the time set for the massacre.

The date for celebrating Purim

See also Est 9:17-19 those living in Susa celebrated on 15th Adar, those in rural towns on 14th

The establishment of Purim

Est 9:27; Est 3:7

See also

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