7230 genealogies

7230 genealogies

In Scripture, lists of the descendants or forebears of an individual, or a record of the names of particular groups of people.

Genealogies as records of ancestors and lines of descent

Mt 1:1-17 pp Lk 3:23-38 See also Ge 10:1-32; Ge 11:10-32; Ge 36:10-43; 1Ch 1:1-6:30; 1Ch 9:35-44; Heb 7:3

Kinds of genealogies

Population lists 1Ch 9:1 See also Ge 46:8-27; 1Ch 9:3-22; 2Ch 31:16; Ezr 2:1-67 pp Ne 7:5-69

Heads of families 1Ch 9:34 See also 1Ch 8:1-28; 1Ch 9:7-9; 1Ch 26:31

Men eligible for military service 1Ch 7:2 See also Nu 26:1-62; 1Ch 7:4-11,30-40

Some prophets may have been responsible for recording or maintaining genealogies

2Ch 12:15

Christians are urged to avoid fruitless discussions concerning genealogies

Tit 3:9 See also 1Ti 1:3-4

See also

2540Christ, genealogy
7505Jews, the

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