6222 rebellion, against God

6222 rebellion, against God

The human race is in rebellion against God through its disobedience and unbelief.

Examples of rebellion against God

Ps 2:2 See also Nu 20:24; Nu 27:14; 1Sa 15:22-23; Ps 66:7

Warnings not to rebel

1Sa 12:14-15 See also Nu 14:9; Nu 17:10; Ps 2:10-12; Eze 2:8

Indignation expressed over rebellion against God

Ps 5:10

The fate of the rebellious

Isa 66:24 See also Dt 13:5; Ps 68:6; Jer 28:16; Jer 29:32; La 1:18,20; La 3:42; Hos 13:16

God is ready to forgive those who rebel against him

Jer 33:8 See also Da 9:5-9

The end times will be characterised by open rebellion against God

2Th 2:3 See also 1Jn 2:18

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