5936 riots

5936 riots

The hostile reactions of crowds who take the law into their own hands, frequently in opposition to a messenger of God.

Riotous responses to unpopular actions or teaching

Ge 19:4-11 the hostility of the men of Sodom against Lot; Jdg 6:30-31 The men of Ophrah call for the death of Gideon; Jer 26:8-11 The people react to Jeremiah’s message; Lk 4:28-30 The people of Nazareth expel Jesus Christ; Ac 19:23-34 the anger of the Ephesians over Paul; 2Co 6:5

Riots stirred up intentionally

Mt 27:20-24 pp Mk 15:6-15; Ac 6:8-14; Ac 17:5-9; Ac 21:27-35

Riotous behaviour avoided or quelled

Mt 26:3-5 pp Mk 14:1-2; Ac 19:35-41; Ac 24:5-12

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