5871 greed, believers’response to

5871 greed, believers’response to

Greed should have no place in the lives of God’s people.

The righteous are not to be greedy

Pr 28:6 See also Ex 20:17 pp Dt 5:21; Pr 11:28; Pr 22:1; Pr 23:4; Eze 18:8,17; Ro 13:9

The Christian leader is not to be greedy

1Ti 3:2-3 See also Tit 1:7; 1Pe 5:2

The example of Paul Ac 20:33 See also 1Th 2:5

The antidotes to greed

Greed must be repented of Lk 3:14 John the Baptist counselling soldiers on how they must express their repentance.

The need to be on guard against greed Ps 62:10; Lk 12:15 See also Lk 12:16-21

The need to be separate from greed and from the greedy 1Co 5:11; Col 3:5 See also Job 36:18; Eph 5:3

The need to be content Heb 13:5 See also Php 4:11-13; 1Ti 6:3-10

The need to seek God, not gain 1Ti 6:17-18 See also 1Ki 3:11-14; Ps 119:14; Jer 9:23-24

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