5853 experience, of life

5853 experience, of life

Experience of life comes with increasing age and through observation, reflection and the application of lessons learned. Experience in a craft or profession comes through training and practice.

Experience associated with advancing years

Job 12:12 See also Job 32:6-7; 1Ki 12:6-7 pp 2Ch 10:6-7; Ps 37:25; Pr 4:1-4

Dissatisfaction with life’s experiences

Ecc 2:11 See also Ecc 3:11 People are made for eternity and cannot be fully satisfied with the things of this world; Ecc 1:13-17 application to study; Ecc 2:1-3 devotion to pleasure; Ecc 2:4-6 pursuit of great projects; Ecc 2:7-8 a life of materialism Ecc 2:24-26 Human experiences find fulfilment only in relation to God. See also Ecc 3:12-14; Ecc 12:13-14

Learning from life’s experiences

Pr 24:32 See also Job 4:8-9; Job 5:3; Ps 107:43

Sympathy resulting from personal experience Ex 23:9 See also Ex 22:21; Dt 15:12-15; 2Co 1:3-4; Heb 10:32-34

Growing through experiences Ro 5:3-4 See also Heb 5:8; Jas 1:2-4

Learning from everyday experiences Mt 24:32 pp Mk 13:28 See also Mt 16:2-3; Lk 12:54-55; Mt 6:28-31 pp Lk 12:27-29

Jesus Christ shared human experience

Heb 4:15 See also Heb 2:17-18; Php 2:8; Heb 2:9

Experience in a craft or profession

Skilled craftsmen 2Ch 2:7 See also 2Ch 2:13-14; 1Ki 7:13-14; Ex 36:1-2; 1Ch 22:15-16

Experienced soldiers 2Ch 17:12-13 See also 1Sa 17:33; 2Sa 17:8; 1Ch 12:33; SS 3:7-8

Other competent people 1Sa 12:2 Samuel’s experience in leadership; Est 1:13 Xerxes consults experts in law and justice; Mt 2:4 Herod consults teachers of the law; Ac 18:2-3 Paul and Aquila were experienced tent makers.

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