5843 embarrassment

5843 embarrassment

A state of discomfort and shame, caused by a sense of guilt over something that has been said or done.

Embarrassment may be a sign of misunderstanding or mistrust

Jn 13:6-8 See also Mk 2:16-17 Jesus Christ’s enemies approached the disciples knowing they would be embarrassed by the company he was keeping; Mk 3:21 The family of Jesus Christ were embarrassed by what they were hearing about him.

Love includes not causing unnecessary embarrassment

Dt 24:10-11

Embarrassment caused by another person

See also 2Ki 8:11 Elisha’s fixed gaze embarrassed Hazael who, as the following verses suggest, may already have had a guilty conscience.

Embarrassment may motivate actions

Jdg 3:23-26; 2Ki 2:17

Doing right may be embarrassing Ac 10:28-29

Embarrassment may motivate wrong behaviour Mk 6:26-27

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