5767 attitudes, in prayer

5767 attitudes, in prayer

Attitudes in prayer include both the postures people adopt while praying and the hopes that they have concerning its outcome. Scripture points to the need for humility and expectation on the part of those who pray.

Positions adopted for prayer

Bowing down and kneeling Ps 95:6 See also Ge 24:26; Ex 4:31; Isa 45:23; Da 6:10; Lk 22:41; Ac 7:60; Eph 3:14; Php 2:10

Falling on one’s face before God Mt 26:39 See also Nu 20:6; Jos 5:14; 2Ch 20:18

Standing Mk 11:25 See also 1Ki 8:22; Lk 18:11

Attitudes in the spiritual life

Standing for warfare Eph 6:13-14 See also 2Th 2:15; Jas 5:8

Walking with God Mic 6:8 See also Isa 40:31; 1Jn 1:7

Running Heb 12:1 See also Isa 40:31

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