5686 fathers, examples of

5686 fathers, examples of

The ideal father, from a biblical perspective, is one who loves God, is obedient to him and reflects this in his daily living and in the care and upbringing of his children.

Fathers who followed divine principles within their families

Abraham Ge 18:19 See also Ge 17:1-7,18-20; Ge 21:1-5,8-13; Ge 22:1-18

Zechariah Lk 1:5-20 See also Lk 1:62-80

The father of the prodigal Lk 15:11-31

Fathers who acted wrongly

Through favouritism Ge 37:3-4 See also Ge 25:28

Through lack of discipline 1Sa 2:22-25 See also 1Sa 2:27-36; 1Sa 3:11-18

The intercession of fathers for their children

Abraham Ge 17:18-22

David 1Ch 29:10-19 See also 2Sa 12:15-23

Job Job 1:4-5

The father of the demoniac Mt 17:14-15 pp Mk 9:17-18 pp Lk 9:38-39

The royal official Jn 4:46-49

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