5657 birthright

5657 birthright

The right of the firstborn son in ancient Israel to inherit his father’s estate. Where the property was divided, the firstborn received a double share.

Birthright was recognised amongst the patriarchs

Ge 25:5-6,34

Birthright and the law

It was guaranteed under the law Dt 21:15-17 See also 1Ch 26:10 some ignored this law

Daughters and others could inherit if there were no sons Nu 27:1-11

Only sons of a lawful marriage qualified Ge 21:8-13; Jdg 11:1-2

Birthright and kingship

Succession was normally to the firstborn 2Ch 21:1-3 See also 2Ch 11:18-22 favouritism could intrude here also

Transfer of the birthright

Through misconduct 1Ch 5:1 See also Ge 49:3-4

By transaction Ge 25:29-34 See also Heb 12:16-17

The Christian birthright

Ro 8:17 Jesus Christ is the firstborn over all creation; by the grace of God Christians share in his inheritance. See also Gal 4:7; Col 1:15; Heb 1:2

See also

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