5575 talk, idle

5575 talk, idle

Loose or careless speech, often motivated by curiosity, which can lead to unacceptable consequences. Scripture emphasises the importance of avoiding careless talk, and considering one’s words with care.

Unfounded boasting is idle talk

2Pe 2:17-19 See also Ps 10:3; Ps 49:6; Ps 52:1; Pr 25:14; Pr 27:1; Ac 8:9-10; Jas 4:16

Human questioning of God is idle talk

Ro 9:20-21 See also Isa 29:16; Isa 45:9

Flattery is idle talk

Ro 16:18 See also Pr 7:21

Meaningless conversation is idle talk

Job 27:11-12 Job referring to the words of his comforters. These criticisms of Job by his companions are unjustified: Job 8:2; Job 11:2; Job 35:16
Pr 20:14

Examples of idle talk

1Ki 20:10-11 See also Nu 12:1-2; Jdg 9:26-41; 1Sa 17:41-44

Idle talk is folly

A mark of the fool Job 15:2-3 See also Pr 14:3,23; Ecc 10:12-14; 1Ti 1:6-7

Talking too much Ecc 5:7 See also Pr 10:19; Pr 17:28; Pr 21:23; Ecc 5:3

Speaking rashly Pr 20:25 See also Ecc 5:6; Jas 1:19

Idle talk is combated by upright living

1Pe 2:15

Idle talk has no place in the church

1Co 4:20 See also Eph 4:29; Eph 5:4; Tit 1:10-11

All idle talk will be judged

Mt 12:36-37

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