5557 stoning

5557 stoning

To strike an offender with stones until he or she is dead. Stoning normally took place outside the city walls. The prosecution witnesses, of whom there must be at least two, had to throw the first stones, followed if necessary by the spectators.

Stoning was the punishment for certain offences under the Mosaic law

Lev 20:1-2,27; Lev 24:13-14; Dt 13:6-10; Dt 17:2-7; Dt 22:23-24

Examples of stoning in upholding the Mosaic law

Lev 24:23; Nu 15:32-36; Jos 7:24-25; 1Ki 21:13-15; Jn 8:1-11

Examples of the threatened or actual stoning of God’s servants

Nu 14:10 Joshua and Caleb; 1Sa 30:6 David; 2Sa 16:6; 2Ch 24:20-21 Jesus Christ: Jn 8:59; Jn 10:31-33
Ac 7:58-59 Stephen Paul: Ac 14:19; 2Co 11:25
Heb 11:37

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