5506 roof

5506 roof

Most buildings in biblical times had flat roofs. With the hot climate, they had a wider range of uses than merely providing shelter for the building.

Uses of roofs

Shelter erected on the roof to make an extra room 2Ki 4:10 See also 2Sa 16:22; Pr 21:9; Pr 25:24

Guests lodged on the roof Jos 2:8 See also 1Sa 9:25-26

The roof used as a place for leisure and relaxation 2Sa 11:2 See also Da 4:29; Mt 24:17 pp Mk 13:15 pp Lk 17:31

The roof used as a place of religious observance Ne 8:16 See also 2Ki 23:12; Jer 19:13; Jer 32:29; Zep 1:5; Ac 10:9

In cities, some roofs were open, public places

Isa 15:3 See also Jdg 9:50-52; 2Sa 18:24; Jer 48:38; Mt 10:26-27 pp Lk 12:2-3

Roofs were usually constructed with a thick layer of clay

Mk 2:4 pp Lk 5:19

Roof as a synonym for house

Mt 8:8 pp Lk 7:6

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