5491 refugees

5491 refugees

Fugitives driven from home because of personal, political or religious persecution, or because of physical danger.

Examples of refugees

Ge 16:6-8 Hagar; Ge 46:1; Ex 12:37-39; Ru 1:1; Mt 2:13-15 Mary, Joseph and Jesus Christ; Ac 18:2

Refugees are to be treated kindly

Dt 23:15-16; Mt 25:35

Refugees from legal accusation are to be provided for

Nu 35:6; Jos 20:1-6

The Lord is a place of spiritual refuge

Dt 33:27; 2Sa 22:3; Ps 9:9; Ps 59:16; Isa 25:4; Jer 16:19; Na 1:7

See also

1320God as Saviour
6687mercy, God’s
7338cities of refuge

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