5447 poverty, causes of

5447 poverty, causes of

To want for the necessities of life is ultimately the result of human sin.

Poverty arises from human sin

Ge 3:17-19 Compare this with the description of Eden in Ge 2:9-14.

Causes of poverty

Divine retribution brings poverty Dt 28:47-48 See also Pr 22:16; Isa 3:1; Am 4:6; Am 5:11

Idleness brings poverty Pr 6:10-11 See also Pr 10:4; Pr 14:23; Pr 20:13; Pr 24:33-34

Dissolute living brings poverty Pr 21:17 See also Pr 6:26; Pr 28:19; Lk 15:14

Lack of discipline brings poverty Pr 13:18; Pr 21:5

Rash promises bring poverty Pr 22:26-27

Debt brings poverty Mt 18:23-25

Neglect of God’s law of giving brings poverty Pr 11:24; Pr 28:22; Ac 20:35

Neglect of God’s work brings poverty Hag 1:9

Oppression brings poverty Jdg 6:6; Job 20:19; Pr 13:23; Isa 1:7; Jas 5:4

Famine brings poverty Ge 45:11; Ge 47:20-21

Misfortune brings poverty Job 1:13-21 These trials were inflicted by Satan but allowed by God as a test of Job’s faith.

Poverty affects good as well as evil people

The righteous often escape poverty Dt 8:7-9; Ps 34:9-10; Ps 37:25

Many of the godly have been poor 2Ki 4:1; Lk 16:20; Ro 15:26

Jesus Christ was poor Mt 8:20

Results of poverty

Poverty results in ruin Pr 10:15

Poverty results in shame See also Pr 13:18; Lk 16:3

Poverty results in misery Pr 31:7

Poverty results in crime Pr 6:30; Pr 30:8-9

Poverty need not lead to ungodliness Ps 119:71; Mk 12:44 pp Lk 21:4; 2Co 8:2; Jas 2:5; Rev 2:9

Voluntary poverty

Jesus Christ’s example of voluntary poverty 2Co 8:9

Voluntary poverty commanded of some Mt 19:21-22 Jesus Christ did not say this to everyone.

Voluntary poverty experienced by others See also Heb 10:34

Love essential in voluntary poverty 1Co 13:3; 2Co 6:10

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