5343 idleness

5343 idleness

Laziness or unproductiveness. As work is hallowed by God’s working, idleness is regarded as a sin against oneself and society.

Idleness reproached

In terms of daily labour 1Th 5:14 Paul to the Christians at Thessalonica. See also Pr 19:24; Pr 10:4; Pr 22:13; Pr 26:13-16; 2Th 3:6-15; 1Ti 5:13; Tit 1:12

In matters of faith Heb 6:11-12 To Christians who were tempted to give up.

Idleness discouraged by examples of industriousness

Pr 6:6-8 See also Pr 31:27 the good wife; Ecc 11:6; 2Th 3:7-9 Paul referring to his practice of not depending on others for his living

The results of idleness

Pr 6:9-11 See also Pr 10:26; Pr 12:24; Pr 13:4; Pr 15:19; Pr 19:15; Pr 20:4; Ecc 10:18

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