5300 drowning

5300 drowning

The Egyptians pursuing Israel drowned in the Red Sea

Heb 11:29 See also Ex 14:21-28; Ex 15:1-5

Jonah was delivered from drowning

Jnh 2:2-7

The demon-possessed herd of pigs drowned in the Sea of Galilee

Mk 5:1-13 pp Mt 8:28-32 pp Lk 8:26-33

Jesus Christ’s disciples feared they would drown in a storm

Mk 4:35-41 pp Mt 8:23-27 pp Lk 8:22-25

Drowning in the teaching of Jesus Christ

Mt 18:6

Metaphorical use

Job 10:15

See also

6022sin, causes of
7222exodus, events of

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