5222 baking

5222 baking

Cooking in an oven or over an open fire. Bread baked in this way was the staple diet of the population in biblical times. Bricks were also sometimes produced by baking.

Baking bread

In ovens Lev 26:26 See also Ex 8:3; Lev 7:9; Lev 11:35

Over open fires 1Ki 19:6 See also Isa 44:14-19; Eze 4:9-15; Jn 21:9

Unleavened bread Ex 12:39 Bread was usually baked with yeast, but where there was insufficient time for kneading and proving, the raising agent was omitted. See also Ge 19:1-3; Lev 6:14-17; 1Sa 28:24

Baking of offerings

Lev 2:4-10 See also Lev 6:14-18; Lev 7:9-10; Lev 23:15-18; Lev 24:5-6; 2Ki 4:42

Baking of manna

Ex 16:21-23

Baking of clay

Da 2:32-33 See also Ge 11:3; Da 2:41-43


At home Ge 18:6 See also Lev 26:26 Women baked at home or in communal ovens; 2Sa 13:6-8

At royal courts 1Sa 8:13 See also Ge 40:1-22; Ge 41:10

In the temple 1Ch 9:31 See also 1Ch 23:28-29; Eze 46:20

As tradesmen in towns Jer 37:21 See also Hos 7:4

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