5206 archers

5206 archers

Those armed with arrows, whether for hunting or warfare. Archers were particularly valued on account of their accuracy.

Men who were archers

Ishmael Ge 21:20

Esau Ge 27:3 See also Ge 25:27

Jonathan 1Sa 20:18-23 See also 1Sa 20:35-38; 2Sa 1:22

Archers in the army of Israel and Judah

From the tribe of Reuben 1Ch 5:18

From the tribe of Benjamin 1Ch 8:40; 1Ch 12:1-2

In Asa’s army 2Ch 14:8

In Uzziah’s army 2Ch 26:14

Archers in the armies of other nations

The Philistines 1Sa 31:1-3

The Assyrians 2Ki 19:32

The Medes Isa 13:17-18; Jer 50:9,14; Jer 51:11

The Lydians Isa 66:19

The Babylonians Jer 4:29 a prophecy of Babylon besieging Judah

Men shot by archers

Saul 1Sa 31:3

Uriah 2Sa 11:24 See also 2Sa 11:14-17

Ahab, king of Israel 1Ki 22:34

Joram 2Ki 9:24

Josiah 2Ch 35:23

God likened to an archer

La 3:12-13 See also Ps 7:12-13; La 2:4; Eze 5:16; Zec 9:13

See also

5236bow and arrow

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