5115 Peter, preacher and teacher

5115 Peter, preacher and teacher

Peter preached mainly to the Jews. He taught both through his preaching and his letters.

Peter’s commission

Jn 21:17

Peter quoted from the OT in his teaching

Referring to the death of Judas: Ac 1:16,20 On the day of Pentecost: Ac 2:16-20,25-28,34-35
Ac 3:22-23; Ac 4:11 Writing to Christians in Asia Minor: 1Pe 1:15-16,24-25; 1Pe 2:6-8; 1Pe 3:5-6,12,14,20; 1Pe 4:18; 1Pe 5:5; 2Pe 2:5-9

Peter taught about Jesus Christ

About the life and miracles of Jesus Christ Ac 2:22 See also Ac 10:36-39; 2Pe 1:17-18

About Jesus Christ’s suffering and death Ac 2:23 See also Ac 3:13-15; Ac 4:10; Ac 5:30; Ac 10:39; 1Pe 2:22-23; 1Pe 3:18

About the resurrection of Jesus Christ Ac 2:24 See also Ac 2:31-32; Ac 3:15; Ac 4:10; Ac 5:30; Ac 10:40-41; 1Pe 1:3,21; 1Pe 3:18

About the ascension and exaltation of Jesus Christ Ac 5:31 See also Ac 2:33,36; Ac 3:13; 1Pe 1:21; 1Pe 3:22

About the second coming of Jesus Christ 1Pe 5:4 See also 1Pe 1:7,13; 1Pe 4:13; 2Pe 3:10-13

Peter taught about salvation through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ

Ac 4:12 See also Ac 2:38; Ac 3:19; Ac 10:43

Peter taught that God cared for all people

Ac 10:34; Ac 15:7-9

Peter wrote his first letter to encourage Christians

1Pe 1:1; 1Pe 5:12 See also 1Pe 2:1 He exhorted them to live holy lives; 1Pe 2:13-14 They must obey authority; 1Pe 3:16 They must endure suffering and injustice as Jesus Christ did: 1Pe 4:12-16,19
1Pe 5:10 God will vindicate and save his people.

Peter wrote his second letter to strengthen Christians who were at risk from false teaching

2Pe 1:12 See also 2Pe 1:16 He reminded them of the truth of the gospel; 2Pe 2:3 He warned them of the judgment awaiting false teachers; 2Pe 3:13 They must keep alive their hope in the coming day of the Lord.

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