5082 Adam, significance of

5082 Adam, significance of

Throughout the NT, Adam is seen as a real historical figure, from whom all humanity is descended and by whose sin all humanity is affected.

Adam as the original member of the human race

Ac 17:26; 1Co 15:45-49 See also Ge 2:7; Lk 3:23-38 The genealogy of Jesus Christ is traced back to Adam.

Adam’s relationship with Eve

Adam as one flesh with Eve Mt 19:3-6 pp Mk 10:2-9 See also Ge 2:24; 1Co 6:16; Eph 5:31

Adam as the head of Eve 1Co 11:3,8-12; 1Ti 2:12-15

The reality and results of Adam’s sin

Sin spread to all the human race Ro 5:19 See also Ge 4:3-16; Ps 51:5; Pr 20:9; Ro 3:23

Death was introduced into the world Ro 5:12 See also Ro 5:14-17; Ro 6:23; 1Co 15:21-22

Condemnation for the human race resulted Ro 5:16,18

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